7 Websites for the Bored & Why They Deserve a Visit

The web is a place of endless possibilities. You probably love to keep your eyes open for interesting sites that grab your attention. Otherwise, the web is just a sea of content and images. You might even look for sites with addictive qualities. That’s okay if you do, by the way, we all do it.


The following is a list of 7 websites for the bored and why they deserve a visit:

  1. Science Daily


When you go to Science Daily, you will be floored at the quality of information. You don’t have to buy journal articles to get quality scientific research. It seems that much of it is here, summarized by this wonderful site. If you need to know, as many of us do, then use this site to brush up on what is going on in the world in terms of scientific studies and discoveries.


  1. Bingo Blitz


You can access this site through Facebook. Be careful, once you start playing, it will be easy to get addicted. If you want to spend some money on games but not gamble, this is the site. You can play and have the thrills of a casino, but not have to lose large sums. The site is a little pricey if you want any perks, but there are free daily credits as well as five free daily bingo games.


  1. Trisha Paytas


Trisha Paytas is a YouTube star who acts a lot like Andy Kaufman. She will educate you on YouTube culture. She does eating shows and collaborations. You will feel like you are getting to know a very wacky, very extravagant faux star. She has a lot of rough edges and flaws too, so you won’t have the jealousy factor that can sometimes be there with unrealistic portrayals of people that live in California.


  1. Reddit


If you want to have a conversation about anything that is relevant, Reddit is the place to go. People can talk for hours in these threads about everything under the sun. If you like to gossip or have an inquiring mind, then Reddit will have some interesting people with diverse views and information.


  1. Instagram


You can build your own Instagram on your phone. On the web, you can visit others’ Insta’s. This site works because you get more pictures, less drama. A lot of people don’t enjoy the cattiness and pettiness that was Facebook. That’s why the younger generation prefers to post a picture with #blessed and leave it at that. You get to see people’s lives without hearing them talk about politics.


  1. Yahoo


The main page of Yahoo has great news and a variety of articles. These are the type of articles that still have remnants of old-school journalism. The stories are up to date and breaking news. There are no copycat, oh I heard that before, digital stories. And the best part is, they update their site more than a newspaper anyways.


  1. CraveTV


Whew, are we really down to the last one already? Everyone is looking for a little something-something to supplement their Netflix addiction. Crave provides the perfect addition with rates that no one can complain about.